indestructigirl inquired:

(Claire's attempt at an uncomfortable question:) Do guys really get boners all the friggin' time or is that just a myth?


                        ❝ Claire—are you, you’re not seriously asking me that right?❞
                                             there was an awkward shift as he cleared
                                              his throat and shook his head. 
                        ❝ it’s a myth. but thanks for asking.❞ he’s a big fat liar.

      She wasn’t sure whether or not to believe that, especially given the way he shifted.  But she smiled and decided to take the answer at face value.  However, she wasn’t done with the questions.  

           ”What about blue balls?  Is it real or is it just a lie to get us girls to touch you?”

I just realized I haven’t eaten all day… so I’d better do that.  My tummy’s doing the wobbly thing.  That’s not good!  

I’ll try to get to replies and stuff after. I have a few things in my inbox, and some drafts.  We’ll see what I can get through.

Hope y’all are having a swell day!

Let it Go
Idina Menzel
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Who doesn’t love this song?

The Wizard and I
Idina Menzel, Carole Shelley
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Day 13: The Wizard and I - Wicked (2003)

Idina Menzel & Carole Shelley

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It’s Sexual Sunday. You know what to do!

  • Ask my muse anything about their sex life
  • Send me a kink / fetish and I’ll rate it
  • Try to seduce my muse
  • Send some anonymous (or non-anonymous) smut
  • Anything your horny little hearts desire!

send me a symbol! META EDITION


✞ —- for thoughts about my muses relationship with religion

☾ —- for my muses sleeping habits/quirks/etc

♥ —- for thoughts/ideas about my muses love life/romantic relationships

☠ —- for how i think my muse would die

☣ —- for my muses fears

☼ —- for a happy thought/idea/theory

❦ —- for a controversial thought/idea/theory

® —- for a sexual thought/idea/theory

My ass is literally a hazard.
— me, Claire Bennet, on Twitter.  My booty game dangerous.


001. what they smell like:  mostly whatever perfume/soap/shampoo she used.  she buys whatever smells good at the moment - and she buys seasonally so she’ll smell like pumpkin in the fall, peppermint in the winter, fruity and floral through the spring and summer.  

002. how they sleep: some nights she sleeps like a rock. others she can toss and turn with nightmares.  she tends to sleep better when someone is with her, but she sleeps best of all in the back of her VW bus.

003. what music they enjoy: her taste is very eclectic, because Noah and Sandra had varying tastes. she’ll listen to most anything depending on her mood. but she tends to love cheesy pop songs a lot. 

004. how much time they spend getting ready every morning: if she has time to primp, she’ll take every second available to her. but she’s quite capable of making herself look presentable with minimal time and effort. 

005. their favorite thing to collect: it used to be teddy bears, when she was a child and up until she was a teenager.  now… pictures and mementos from her travels.  things that remind her of the places she’s been and people she’s met.  she knows one day she will be old and she isn’t sure how age will affect her memory despite the fact that she regenerates. so Claire wants lots of reminders around to be sure she can hold onto her precious memories. a more settled down Claire also has a closet with one helluva wardrobe and shoe collection.  :)

006. left or right-handed: she’s a righty.

007. favourite sport: she doesn’t really have one, i don’t think.  maybe football?  but she said when she was a cheerleader that she wasn’t all that into football… she also wasn’t really all that into cheerleading, either, despite how it became her label through the entire series.  maybe she really likes the olympics, idk. 

008. favourite touristy thing to do when traveling: jumping right off of question 005, she loves to buy stupid touristy souvenirs. bonus points if it has her name (spelled correctly) printed on it.  she likes to take pictures at all the tourist traps, especially if she goes with someone else.  

009. favourite kind of weather: the summer, by far.  she loves the heat.  

010. a weird/obscure fear they have: i don’t think she has an obscure fear, i’d think most of her fears are pretty popular, for lack of a better word.  bugs and creepy crawly things can creep her out.  she’s also afraid of vampires which i suppose might be a bit weird.  and thunderstorms make her uncomfortable but i don’t think it’s a full-blown phobia.

You ain’t never had a friend like me!

Sometimes I want to archive this blog and make a new one.  

It’s time for another cup of coffee.

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Happy Owls!

Uh oh! My muse is having difficulty unzipping their dress/jacket. Send me ➹ for my muse’s reaction to your coming up and unzipping their clothing without being asked.



Logan chuckled, brows twitching upward. “Sure does.  I bet you’d look cute in one of them bunny costumes with the little white tail stuck to your butt.”

      Claire snorted at that, an eyebrow lifting. “Are you saying you want to see me dressed as a Playboy Bunny?”